After Care

Immediately after the circumcision, I will place a small gauze with Bacitracin around the incision site.  This gauze may help reduce any bleeding and will help stop the circumcision site from sticking to the diaper. I will look at the circumcision a few minutes after the Bris.  If it is not bleeding at that time, it is unlikely that it will. However, I would request that the parents look at the circumcision once an hour for 3 hours to check for bleeding.  A few drops of blood are fine, but any more than that should prompt you to either call me or your pediatrician.  With each diaper change, please put a coating of Vaseline or antibiotic ointment (Bacitracin /Neosporin) on gauze (in the supply list) for one week so that the healing tissue will not stick to the diaper and reduce the formation of dry scabs which are associated with increased discomfort.

Over the first 2 days, the penis will become mildly swollen, beefy red and will have a yellowish, wet looking scab-like appearance (this is healing tissue).  After 2 days, the swelling and redness should slowly diminish.  If, instead, there is increased redness, increased swelling, or pus, please contact either me or your pediatrician immediately.  The whole healing process usually occurs over a one to two week period.

If stool should get on the circumcision site, gently remove it with a wet, clean washcloth or cotton balls.

It is not uncommon for the moist skin from the shaft of the penis to adhere to the rim (corona) of the penis after the circumcision (called penile adhesions).  It can be prevented by gently pulling back on the skin of the shaft of the penis, and applying Vaseline around the corona during the one to two week healing period.  However, even if adhesions occur, do not be concerned.  The adhesions will go away naturally when your child starts to have erections.

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