This website is dedicated to the Kadosh Baruch Hu and my parents, Charles and Dorothy Marchbein (z’tl) without whom my own Brit Milah and Jewish education would never have occurred. May I be worthy of this honor as a mohel and klee kodesh.

Many thanks:

Rabbi Meyer Bilitzky zt'l and Rabbi Marvin Richardson zt'l - without whose teaching, help and encouragement, I would not have had the honor to become a Mohel. Their teaching, ruach and kavanah have been an inspiration to me. To Rabbi Yoni Katz and Rabbi Aaron Englander - for their love of teaching and dedication to Torah as well as their assistance in motivating my study of the Talmud and the Shulchan Aruch. To Rabbi Leonard Scharzer MD Mohel, my chaver, from whom I have learned much and to whom I hope I was able to, in some small way return the kindness. And to my mohel heros, Rabbi Paysach Krohn and Rabbi Berish Ganz - from them I have learned the true meaning of becoming a mohel and the sacred duty we have been blessed with.

To my wife, Gail and my wonderful children who have always given me love, encouragement & support.

To Neil Pollock MD and Stuart Rubenstein MD and the entire Brit Kodesh - for their help and encouragement, including permission to use and adapt information from their websites.

To Andrew Gluck, Nirav Mehta and James Evak from, whose friendship, cooperation and web expertise allowed this project to come to fruition.

To Rabbi Joel Roth at the Jewish Theological Seminary, for his wisdom and kindness. He is an inspiration to our Brit Kodesh as a friend, a teacher and a decisor of halacha. It is an honor to have learned from him and a greater honor to continue to learn from him.

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